Special Short Term Training Programme

Apex Hi-Tech Institute is organizing a Special Short Term Training Course on “PLC and its Applications” for a two weeks duration from 7.1.2013 to 18.1.2013

Course contents:

• Hardwired Industrial Control Circuits

• Power Source configurations
• Switching elements (Pushbuttons, Switches , Sensors & Change over contacts
• Hardware Controllers - Relay, Contactor, Timer & Counter
• Electrical Loads - Indication, Control and Final control elements
• Positive & Negative (Source/Sink) Switching Logics
• AND, OR and EXOR functions and their combinations
• Sequencing, Interlocking and latching principles.
• Conventional Relay Contactor Logics
• Design of relay logics with electrical & electronic accessories

• Basics Of PLC

• Introduction to PLC Hardware

• PLC Architecture
• Working principle of PLC
• Types of Inputs & Outputs
• Boolean System and functions
• Scan Cycle Execution
• Addressing Concepts / Memory Mapping
• Introduction Of Programming languages
• Standard Procedure for writing ladder

Basic and Advanced Instructions
• Digital, Analog, Mathematical, Logical, program control etc
• Relays, Timers and Counter
• Analog Value conversion

• Upload, download and monitoring of program
• Forcing input/output
• Troubleshooting and fault diagnostics of PLC
• Introduction to Digital communication techniques



Tuition fee

Short Term Courses  

Candidates sponsored from Medium and large scale industries in Public and Private sector

 1,250/- per Trainee per Week

Candidates sponsored from Small Scale Industries (SSI) & Private Candidates

350/- per Trainee per Week

(ITI Passouts/Diploma/Degree in Engg.)


Candidates nominated by Government department such as Railways, defence etc.. Candidates sponsored from Educational Institutes like Polytechnic/Engg. Colleges and other related Technical Institutions etc.

650/- per Trainee per Week


Maximum intake for the course will be 20 participants

Interested participants may report to Apex Hi-Tech Institute, FTI Campus, Outer Ring Road,Yashwantpur, Bangalore-22  on 7.1.2013 by 9.30 a.m