CoE Sectors/Modules

Sl. No. Sector  BBBT Module  Advanced Modules 
 Code  Name  Code  Name 
1 Electrical  ECBT -  01  Basic Engineering Skills EAT-01 Repair & Maintenance of Domestic Appliances
ECBT – 02  Basic Electrical Engineering EAT-02 Repair & Maintenance of Instruments used in Electrical Engineering
ECBT – 03  Basic Electronics EAT-03 Operation & Maintenance of Equipments used in High tension lines & Low Tension line Substation and Cable Joining
ECBT – 04  Basic Wiring & Winding EAT-04 Non-Conventional Power Generation, battery & Inverter
ECBT – 05  Basic Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution EAT-05 Repair & Maintenance of Electrical Machine & Power Supply
ECBT – 06  Basic Computer Operating Skill & Its Application    
2 Electronics  EBT-01 Basic Fitting & Soldering EAT-01 Radio, Audio, Video Systems and Appliances
EBT-02 Basic Electrical & Electronics EAT-02 Inverters, UPS, Voltage Stabilisers, and Industrial Drives
EBT-03 Basic Analog Electronics  EAT-03 Repair & Maintenance of Electronic Test Equipments
EBT-04 Basic Digital Electronics EAT-04 Automobile Electronics
EBT-05 Basic Measuring Instruments EAT-05 Communication System
EBT-06 Basic Computers EAT-06 Embedded System and PLC
3 Information Technology  ITBT-01 Basic Electrical & Electronics ITAT-01 Repair & Maintenance of Hardware of Computers & Pheripherals
ITBT-02 Basic Assembling and Maintenance of PCs ITAT-02 Computer Networking
ITBT-03 Basic Computer Networking ITAT-03 Multimedia & Webpage Designing
ITBT-04 Basic Office Automation ITAT-04 E-Accountancy & Office Management
ITBT-05 Basic Internet & Multimedia ITAT-05 Multimedia & Creative Designing
ITBT-06 Basic Database Processing ITAT-06 Information System Management 
4 Production & Manufacturing  PMBT-01 Basic Fitting & Measurement PMAT-01 CNC Machining 
PMBT-02 Basic Sheet Metal Worker & Welding PMAT-02 CAD/CAM
PMBT-03 Basic Electrical, Electronics and Computer Skills PMAT-03 PLC & Automation
PMBT-04 Basic Turning & Grinding (including Knowledge of Material & Heat Treatment) PMAT-04 Quality Engineering
PMBT-05 Basic Milling and gear cutting  PMAT-05 Manufacturing of Jigs & Fixtures
PMBT-06 Basic CNC Programming & Operation and Hydraulics & Pneumatics PMAT-06 Advanced Welding
    PMAT-07 Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds)
5 Automobile  ABT-01 Basic Fitting & Measurement AAT-01 Servicing & overhauling of Automobiles (Petrol)
ABT-02 Basic Sheet Metal Work & Welding AAT-02 Serviving & overhauling of Autombiles (Diesel)
ABT-03 Basic Electrical Electronics AAT-03 Auto Electrical, Electronics and Air Conditioning in Automobiles
ABT-04 Basic Microprocessor & Computer Operation AAT-04 Overhauling of Fuel Injection system & Steering
ABT-05 Basic Petrol & Diesel Engines AAT-05 Denting/Painting and Welding of Automobiles
ABT-06 Basic of transmission, Suspension, Steering system & Brakes AAT-06 Repair & maintenance of Wheel, Re-trading of Tyres and Wheel Balancing
6 Instrumentation  IBT-01 Basic Engineering Skills -I IAT-01 Industrial Electronics & Instrumentation
IBT-02 Basic Engineering Skills -II IAT-02 Analytical Instrumentation
IBT-03 Basic Electricity & Electrical Instrumentation IAT-03 Process Control Instrumentation
IBT-04 Basic Electronics & Electronic Instrumentation IAT-04 Medical Instrumentation
IBT-05 Measurement & measuring Instruments IAT-05 Optical Instrumentation
IBT-06 Basic Computer Skills IAT-06 Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments
7 Chemical  CHBT-01 Fundamentals of Electronics & Computer CHAT-01 Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant)
CHBT-02 Basic Fitting & Measurement  CHAT-02 Maintenance Mechanic (Chemical Plant)
CHBT-03 Basic Mechanical Processes CHAT-03 Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant)
CHBT-04 Fundamental of General Chemistry & Physics CHAT-04 Lab Assistant (Chemical Plant)
CHBT-05 Basic Instrumentation      
CHBT-06 Basic unit Operations & Processes      
8 Apparel  APBT-01 Garment Technology AAT-01 Computer Aided Pattern Making
APBT-02 Garment Sewing (Basic Sewing) AAT-02 Fashion Designing
APBT-03 Garment Sewing (Advanced Sewing) AAT-03 Shirt & Trousers
APBT-04 Pattern Making      
APBT-05 Computersied Patter Making      
APBT-06 Quality Control Finishing & Packing      
9 Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning  RACBT-01 Basic Workshop Practices RACAT-01 Domestic, Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
RACBT-02 Basic Electrical, Electronics and Electro Mechanics RACAT-02 Commercial Air Conditioning Plant, Industrial Cooling and Package A.C.
RACBT-03 Basic Refrigeration - I RACAT-03 Cold Storage, Ice Plant & Ice candy Plant
RACBT-04 Basic Refrigeration – II      
RACBT-05 Basic Refrigeration - III      
RACBT-06 Basic Refrigeration - IV      
10 Fabrication (Fitting & Welding)  FBT-01 Basic Fitting & Meaurement FAT - 01 TIG/MIG Welding
FBT-02 Basic Sheet Metal Worker and Fastening FAT - 02 Structural/Pressure Parts Fitting
FBT-03 Basic Machine Shop Practice (turning, Milling & grinding) FAT - 03 Structural Welding
FBT-04 Basic Welding FAT - 04 Pressure Vessel and Pipe Welding
FBT-05 Metals and Surface Finishing Techniques FAT - 05 Welding Inspection and Testing
FBT-06 Basic Electrical, Electronics and Computer Skills      
11 Agriculture Machinery  AMBT - 01 Basic Workshop Skills AMAT - 01 Repair and maintenance of Harvesting Machines
AMBT - 02 Electrical Wiring and Electronics AMAT - 02 Repair, Maintenance & Overhauling of Tractors
AMBT - 03 Tractor and Power Tillers AMAT - 03 Repair, maintenance of Post Harvesting Machines/Processing machines
AMBT - 04 Irrigation Machinery AMAT - 04 Operation, repair and maintenance of Crop Production Machinery
AMBT - 05 Crop Production Machinery      
AMBT - 06 Post Harvest Technology      
12 Industrial Automation  BTIA - 01 Workshop Practice IAAM - 01 Electrical Maintenance Automation
BTIA - 02 Computer Application in Industrial Automation IAAM - 02 Automation & PLC
BTIA - 03 Electronics for Automation IAAM - 03 Mechanical Maintenance for Automation
BTIA - 04 AC/DC Motor Control      
BTIA - 05 Process Instrumentation      
BTIA - 06 Pneumatics & Hydraulics      
13 Cane & Bamboo Crafts  BTBT-01 Basic Electrical, Basic Computer & Auto CAD BTAT-01 Industrial Processing of bamboo
BTBT-02 Bamboo Processing BTAT-02 Industrial Handicrafts
BTBT-03 Basic Course on Bamboo Processing machine BTAT-03 Innovative Bamboo Housing & Construction 
BTBT-04 Basic Course on Secondary Processing of bamboo      
BTBT-05 Basic Course of Construction & Furniture making      
BTBT-06 Basic Course on Design Interpretation & Bamboo Handi crafts      
14 Construction & Wood Working  CWWBT-01 Basic Architecture CWWAT-01 Concrete Technology
CWWBT-02 Basic Building Construction CWWAT-02 Modern Construction Technique and Management
CWWBT-03 Basic Carpentry CWWAT-03 Wood Working & Construction
CWWBT-04 Basic Plumbing CWWAT-04 Form Work and bar Bending
CWWBT-05 Basic Electrical      
CWWBT-06 Basic Quantity Surveying      
15 Food Processing  FPBT-01 Food Preservation FPAT-01 Food and Vegetable Processing
FPBT-02 Bakery & Confectionery FPAT-02 Cereal Pulses and Oilised Processing
FPBT-03 Milk & Dairy Product FPAT-03 Food Beverage
FPBT-04 Agro Processing FPAT-04 Milk and Milk Products
FPBT-05 Food Beverages FPAT-05 Meat, Fish & Poultry Products
FPBT-06 Processed Food      
16 Hospitality  HMBT-01   Basic Food Production   HMAT – 01  Food Production (Cookery) 
HMBT-02   Basic Food & Beverages service (Steward)   HMAT – 02  Food Beverage (Stewardship) 
HMBT-03   Basic Front office service operation   HMAT - 03  Front Office Management 
HMBT-04   Basic accommodation operation/House Keeping   HMAT - 04  House Keeping 
HMBT-05   Basic Computer Application      
HMBT-06   Basic Hotel Maintenance (including Plumbing & Electrical maintenance )        
17 Leather Goods & Footwear  LFBT-01 Introduction to Leather & Production Knowledge LFAT-01 General Shoe making
LFBT-02 Footwear Technology LFAT-02 Leather garments Making
LFBT-03 Footwear Designing LFAT-03 Sports Shoes Making & Sports Goods making
LFBT-04 Leather Goods Designing & Manufacturing LFAT-04 Travel Goods/ Upholstery /Domestic Items making
LFBT-05 Leather garments Manufacturing      
LFBT-06 Basic Computer Skills & CAD      
18 Plastic Processing  PPBT-01 Basic Fitting & Measurement PPAT-01 Injection Moulding Process
PPBT-02 Basic Electrical Electronics and Computer Skills PPAT-02 Blow Moulding Process
PPBT-03 Injection Moulding PPAT-03 Compression Moulding and Ancillary Process
PPBT-04 Compression Moulding PPAT-04 Extrusion Process
PPBT-05 Extrusion Moulding      
PPBT-06 Blow Moulding      
19 Process Plant Maintenance  PPMBT-01 Basic Fitting PPMAT - 01 Operator Chemical Plant
PPMBT-02 Basic Turning & Machining PPMAT - 02 Operation & maintenance of Boiler & Steam Turbine
PPMBT-03 Basic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning PPMAT - 03 Mechanical Maintenance of Process Plant
PPMBT-04 Basic Instrumentation PPMAT - 04 Process Plant Mechanical and Repairing Equipment
PPMBT-05 Basic Electrician. Electronics & Computer PPMAT - 05 Process Plant Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
PPMBT-06 Basic laboratory Technician PPMAT - 06 Process Plant Electrical Equipment and Repairing
20 Textile Processing & Technology  TPT-01 Basic Workshop Practice Fitting & Measurement  TPAT-01 Advance Spinning & Weaving Technology
TPT-02 Basic Electrical, Electronics and Computer Operations TPAT-02 Advanced Bleaching finishing and Dyeing Technology
TPT-03 Basics of Spinning TPAT-03 Repair & maintenance of Textile Machinery and Equipment
TPT-04 Basics of Weaving TPAT-04 Advanced Textile Technology 
TPT-05 Basics of Bleaching & Finishing TPAT-05 Technology of Sizing , Bleaching and Finishing 
TPT-06 Chemistry of Dyeing TPAT-06 Technology of Dyeing 
    TPAT-07 Technology of Printing 
    TPAT-08 Computer Aided Textile , Design & Colour 
    TPAT-09 Testing of Chemicals and Textiles 
21 Tourism  TBT-01 Tourism Concepts & Impact TAT-01 Eco Tourism
TBT-02 Tourism Products of India & Geography for Tourism TAT-02 Tour & Travel Management
TBT-03 Travel agency of Tour Operator and Guidelines & Escorts TAT-03 Hospitality Management
TBT-04 Indian Society, Culture and History      
TBT-05 Computer Application & Tourism Industry      
TBT-06 Business English & Entrepreneurship